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About us


My Name is Anita Sharma, founder and director of AttachAvi Autism Foundation

My name is Anita Sharma, founder and director of ‘AttachAvi Autism Foundation’, a NJ nonprofit Corporation dealing in early intervention and autism awareness for autistic kids. The foundation was born through my passion for understanding autism spectrum conditions (ASC), and my strong desire to be part of positive change for people who have ASCs and their families.

I thoroughly enjoy working in this area as a motivational speaker, consultant, mentor, workshop presenter, and volunteer. I have specialized with practical knowledge in autism spectrum conditions for the past 14 years, developing expertise in all subtypes of autism across all ages.

I have both extensive knowledge and personal understanding of ASC and other disabilities. I help people with Autism to increase their understanding of the condition and help them feel positive about it. I have been awarded as the best volunteer in autistic school in different districts of New Jersey for several years.

Buddy Programs
Special Olympics
Early Intervention
Respite Care

Autism Awareness is our main goal !!

I am a mother of two kids one diagnosed with PDD and the other was with selective mute. My older son has multiple disabilities but because of my determination and early intervention has made him no way less than a mainstream kid. My second child has totally come out of autism and there is no doubt in saying that it was all made possible with the help of all kind of therapies’ and early intervention.

My dream is to spread awareness in India about autism and early intervention. I believe in spreading so much awareness about autism that few years from now I see no Indian looking at any autistic child with curiosity and strange feeling. Also I want to educate people about the importance of early intervention for autistic kids as that is the only key in helping these kids to come out of this spectrum.


We've reached 1 million people worldwide with our autism awareness initiatives.